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Massachusetts Laws by Popular Name D-K

This index is designed to help you find laws by their common names. The topics are linked to selected General Laws, agency regulations, cases, and other specialized information. For more thorough coverage, try searching the full-text of the Mass. General Laws.


Popular Name Index D
Subject Citations
Date rape drugs MGL c.272, s.3
Day of rest ("blue laws") Mass. Blue Laws
Daylight saving time MGL c.4, s.10
Death penalty See: Law About the Death Penalty
Debt collection, unfair See: Law About Debt Collection
Delinquent children MGL c.119, s.52-64
-Division of Youth Services Regulations 109 CMR
-Youth services MGL c.120
Derelict fee statute MGL c.183, s.58
Desertion and nonsupport MGL c.273
Disclosure, apology and offer (medical malpractice) St. 2012, c.224
Discrimination laws See: Law About Discrimination
Disorderly conduct MGL c.272, s.53 and s.54
Divorce See: Law About Divorce
DNR ("Do Not Resuscitate") program Office of Emergency Medical Services
"Do Not Call" See: Law About Telemarketing
Dog bite law MGL c.140, s.155
Dog laws
Domestic violence See: Law About Domestic Violence
Dover amendment MGL c.40A, s.3
"Dram shop" law MGL c.138, s.69
Drunk driving laws See: Law About Drunk Driving
Duquette Waiver Comm. v. Duquette, 386 Mass. 834 (1982)
Durable Power of Attorney, Uniform MGL c.190B, Art. V, Pt. 5


Popular Name Index E
Subject Citations
Eavesdropping/Wiretapping (including tape recording private conversations) MGL c.272, s.99
Education laws (public schools) MGL c.71, s.1-89
Eggshell rule: a wrongdoer takes his victim as he finds him
Eight hour work day (public employees) MGL c.149, s.30-44
Elections, Clean See: Law About Elections and Voting
ELMO Program (Electronic Monitoring of Offenders) Commissioner of Probation
Emancipation of minor Mass. does not have a procedure for emancipation of minors. See: Law About Emancipation
Employees' right to bargain MGL c.150A, s.3
Endangered Species Act
Equal choices law (Medicaid) MGL c.118E, s.9
Equal pay, sex discrimination MGL c.149, s.105A-105D
Equal pay, teachers MGL c.71, s.40
Equal rights MGL c.151B
Erroneous convictions law MGL c.258D
Estate tax See: Law About Estate Tax
Ethics See: Law About Ethics
Eviction See: Law About Eviction
Exempt property MGL c.235, s.34
Exotic pets 321 CMR 9


Popular Name Index F
Subject Citations
Fair Credit Reporting Act MGL c.93, s. 50-68
Fair educational practices MGL c.151C
Fair employment practices MGL c.151B
Fair housing MGL c.151B
Fair information practices MGL c.66A
-Fair Information Practices Act regulations (Att'y Gen'l) 940 CMR 11
-Fair information practices regulations (Sect'y of Comm.) 950 CMR 33
Family and medical leave See: Law About Employment Leave: Family and Medical
Family Support, Uniform Interstate MGL c.209D
Felony (definition & penalty) MGL c.274, s.1
Felony murder
First responder law MGL c.111, s.201
-First responder training 105 CMR 171
Food Allergy Awareness Act
Foreclosure, mortgage See: Law About Foreclosure
Forty-eight hour work week (women & children) MGL c.149, s.56
Freedom of Information See: Law About Freedom of Information


Popular Name Index G
Subject Citations
Garageman's lien MGL c.255, s.25
Garnishment MGL c.246
Gifts to minors (Uniform Tranfers to Minors) MGL c.201A
Ginsberg formula for alimony Ginsberg, Edward M. Hon. "The Place of Alimony in the Scheme of Things", 14 Massachusetts Family Law Journal 107 (Jan. 1997). [not currently on the web]
Good samaritan laws  
-Any non-medical person providing aid MGL c.112, s.12V
-EMS Personnel MGL c.111C, s.21
-Physicians MGL c.112, s.12B
-Treatment of minors MGL c.112, s.12F
Graffiti ("tagging") MGL c.266, s.126A-126B
Grandfathered lots MGL c.40A, s.6
Grandparents' visitation See: Law About Grandparent Visitation
Green Communities Act of 2008 St.2008, c.169
Gun control See: Law About Guns


Popular Name Index H
Subject Citations
Habitual criminals, sentencing MGL c.279, s.25
Habitual traffic offender law MGL c.90, s.22F
Harassment See Law About Harassment
Hatch Act (flood plains) MGL c.131, s.40
Hate Crimes 501 CMR 4
Health care proxy See: Law About Health Care Proxies
Heart bill MGL c.32, s.94
Helmet laws (motorcycle head gear)
Highway defects (potholes) See: Law About Potholes and Road Defects
Hit and run--personal injury MGL c.90, s.24(2)(a-1/2)(1)
Hit and run--personal injury and death MGL c.90, s.24(2)(a-1/2)(2)
Hit and run--property damage MGL c.90, s.24(2)(a)
Home improvement contractors See: Law About Home Improvement
Home invasion MGL c.265, s.18C
Home rule procedures MGL c.43B
Homestead laws See: Law About Homestead
Human Trafficking St. 2011, Ch. 178


Popular Name Index I
Subject Citations
Idling motor vehicle MGL c.90, s.16A
Ignition Interlock Devices 540 CMR 25
Insurance, Automobile See: Law About Auto Insurance
Interstate probation MGL c.127, s.151A-151L
Invasion of privacy MGL c.214, s.1B
Irretrievable breakdown of marriage ("no fault divorce")


Popular Name Index J
Subject Citations
Jackie's Law (construction trenches)
Jessica's Law St.2008, c.205


Popular Name Index K
Subject Citations
Kayla's law (AEDs in Health Clubs) MGL c.93, s. 78A
"Killer bar" law MGL c.90, s.24J
Klinghoffer Rule (working without pay)
Knockout Rule (interpretation of contracts) MGL c.106, s.2-207