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Massachusetts Law About Town Meetings

Best Bet

Citizen's Guide to Town Meetings, Secretary of the Commonwealth. "This booklet outlines the forms and procedures used in Massachusetts Town Meetings."

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Constitution, Amendment LXXXIX. Draws the distinction between cities and towns, and allows for home-rule charters.

MGL c.39 Municipal Government: City Government and Town Meetings

MGL c.43A Standard Form of Representative Town Meeting Government

Rules of Procedure

Most Massachusetts town meetings use one or both of the following:

Roberts Rules of Order

Town Meeting Time

Other Web Sources

Massachusetts Government, Encyclopedia Britannica. Provides a short history of the introduction and evolution of town meetings.

Organizing an Annual Town Meeting Campaign in Massachusetts, Northeast Organic Farming Association. Brief description of the steps required to put an article on the town warrant and get out the vote.

Town Meeting, An explanation of how town meetings work throughout New England.

About Town Meeting, Lexington. A nice explanation of how a representative town meeting works in one town.

A Guide to Town Meeting, Ayer. An introduction to the open town meeting process in one town.