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Massachusetts Law About Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings

Massachusetts Laws

Federal Laws

Selected Case Law

Federal National Mortgage Association v. Nunez, 460 Mass. 511 (2011). "We conclude that the provision of the act that prevents eviction without just cause is properly applied to protect all residential tenants on foreclosed properties who, on or after August 7, 2010, had yet to vacate or be removed from the premises by an eviction, even where the owner purchased the property before the act's effective date, and initiated a summary process action before that date. "

Other Web Sources

Tenants Have New Rights After Foreclosure, Mass. Legal Help, October 2010. Explains the protections provided by the new MGL c.186A.

Guide for Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings, City of Boston. Provides a list of basic tips and information for tenants. Scroll down to see section for tenants.

Note: The source below was written before the effective date of MGL c.186A. We've included it because it still provides some helpful information, but please be sure to read it in conjunction with the new law.

Information for Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings, Mass. Attorney General. Describes tenants' rights in foreclosure, with links to laws and valuable resources.