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Beat Your Ticket: Go to Court & Win, Nolo, 2013. Includes discussion on speed detectors, presenting your case, traffic rules for all 50 states and more. Requires Library Card for access.

Civil Motor Vehicle Infractions: Frequently Asked Questions, Mass. District Court. Covers nineteen issues concerning what may happen after you receive a traffic ticket.

How to Win Your Case in Traffic Court Without a Lawyer, Atlantic Publishing, 2009. While not specific to Massachusetts, provides helpful information on how to prepare to go to court to contest a ticket. Requires Library Card for access.

Illegal and Unreasonable Speed Limits in Massachusetts, National Motorists Association. "This page lists improper speed limits in Massachusetts, including speed limits which are illegal because they are posted in direct violation of state statute, and others which are unreasonable (and possibly illegal) because they are not justified by road and traffic conditions."

Massachusetts Driver's Manual, Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles. An online version of the booklet you get along with your Learner's Permit, this site includes all the key information needed to drive legally in Massachusetts. Chapters include: obtaining your license, keeping your license, rules of the road and more.

Massachusetts Highway Department Procedures for Speed Zoning on State and Municipal Roadways, 2012. Extensive (31 p.) document covers engineering studies and speed zoning, colleciton and analysis of data, speed limit signs, effect of speed zones and more.

Massachusetts Historic Speed Limits, John Carr.

Pay a Citation Online, Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Safe Driver Insurance Plan, Mass. Division of Insurance. "How SDIP Works, Appealing Surcharges, Hearing Locations and More."

Speed Limit Regulations, Mass. Dept. of Transportation. Handy summary of Mass. laws and regulations on speeding.

Speed-Measuring Device Performance Specifications, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Specifications for LIDAR and RADAR.