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Massachusetts Law About Marijuana Possession

Massachusetts Laws

Selected Case Law

Comm. v. Cruz, 459 Mass. 459 (2011). "[T]here was no basis on which the police could order the defendant out of the vehicle without at least some other additional fact beyond the mere odor of burnt marijuana... in light of the enactment of G. L. c. 94C, §§ 32L-32N,..., which decriminalized possession of less than one ounce of marijuana."

Comm. v. Keefner, 461 Mass. 507 (2012). The law which "decriminalized possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, did not repeal the offense of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, in violation of G. L. c.94C, § 32C (a), where the amount of marijuana possessed is one ounce or less."

Other Web Sources

2008 Statewide Ballot Initiative Question 2:"An Act Establishing a Sensible State Marihuana Policy", Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Site provides a lot of detailed information on the following topics: Citation process, Offenders under 18, Law Enforcement issues, Police procedure, Public safety employment issues, Firearms licensing, and Marijuana in the public schools.

Information About Massachusetts' Marijuana Laws, Acton Patch, 2011. Summarizes the law, with particular emphasis on the differences in punishment between adults and children.

Sample Bylaw: Public Consumption of Marihuana or Tetrahydrocannabinol, Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Provides a model bylaw that towns may choose to adopt.

State Legalization of Recreational Marijuana: Selected Legal Issues, Congressional Legal Service, 2013. Explores the apparent conflict between federal and state drug laws in light of legalization in Colorado and Washington for small amounts of recreational marijuana.

Print Sources

Deciphering the New Law on Marijuana Possession, MCLE, 2009.