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Massachusetts Law About Hours and Conditions of Employment

Massachusetts Laws

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An Advisory from the Attorney General's Fair Labor and Business Practices Division on Meal Periods (Advisory 94/2), Mass. Attorney General, 1994. Discusses the meal break law and the ability of the employee to waive it.

Attorney General's Guide to Workplace Rights and Responsibilities, Mass. Attorney General. Brochure covers many of the laws regulating the workplace, including meal break, with references to Mass. General Laws.

Break Time for Nursing Mothers, US Dept. of Labor. Discusses requirements of 29 USC 207(r), which provides for " reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth."

Does my employer have to give me two 15-minute breaks per day?, Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries.

Employment Law Guide: A Practical Guide to Understanding Massachusetts Employment Law. Boston Bar Association, Labor & Employment Law Section, 2007. "In Massachusetts...the general rule is that employment is 'at will.' This means...that the employer generally can modify the terms and conditions of the employment at any time, without notice or cause. However, this 'at will' rule is subject to exceptions...This Guide briefly discusses these laws."

Massachusetts Blue Laws, Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development. Explains rules regarding Sunday and holiday business operations.

Massachusetts Law on Meal and Rest Breaks, "In Massachusetts, most employers have to allow employees to take meal breaks. Employees are not entitled to rest breaks, however."

Massachusetts Wage and Hour Laws: What Every Employer Needs to Know, Foley Hoag. A 20-page guide "intended to provide Massachusetts employers with information about the basic requirements of federal and state wage and hour laws, as well as employer responsibilities regarding the proper classification of workers."

Minimum Heating Guidelines, Mass. Division of Occupational Safety. Outlines the minimum temperatures required in various types of workplaces.

What is a Gubernatorial State of Emergency?, Executive Office of Public Safety. "There is a misconception that various restrictions or bans automatically are triggered when there is a Gubernatorial State of Emergency in place. This is not so. The declaration of a State of Emergency does not in itself affect the operation of private enterprise. Travel is not automatically banned; businesses are not automatically closed. Many businesses do have contractual agreements with their employees regarding who does/does not have to report to work when a Gubernatorial State of Emergency is issued."

What is the minimum number of hours for which an employee must be paid on a given work day?, Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries.