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Massachusetts Law About Medical Qualifications to Operate a Motor Vehicle

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Regulations

105 CMR 309 Safe Driving. "designate[s] for health care providers and the Registry
of Motor Vehicles cognitive or functional impairments that are likely to affect a person's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle."

540 CMR 24 Medical Qualifications for Operators of Motor Vehicles. "provid[es] minimum physical and mental qualification standards determined to be necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle."

Other Web Sources

Mature Drivers, Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles. Includes information for older drivers, their families, physicians and law enforcement personnel on safe driving for the elderly and reporting concerns about health issues affecting driving ability.

Physician Focus: Medical Aspects of Impaired Driving, Mass. Medical Assn, 2011. Describes regulations that help doctors assess impairments that may affect driving.

Taking Care of Your Future: A Legal Checkup, Chapter 12: Elder Driving. Mass. Bar Association, 2012. Chapter 12 of this 70-page guide covers issues surrounding driving for elders.