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Massachusetts Law About Credit and Banking

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Regulations

Selected Case Law

Tyler v. Michaels Stores, 464 Mass. 492 (2013). Construing G. L. c. 93, § 105 (a), the court held: "a zip code constitutes 'personal identification information' ...; that the term 'credit card transaction form' refers equally to electronic and paper transaction forms; and that a plaintiff may bring an action for violation of G. L. c. 93, § 105 (a), without alleging a claim of identity fraud."

Federal Laws

Federal Regulations

Other Web Sources

Advice for Seniors About Credit Cards, National Consumer Law Center.

Attorney General's Guide to Consumer Credit, Mass. Attorney General, May 2010. Covers Truth in Lending, billing rights, costs of credit, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection and more.

Attorney General's Guide to Fair Credit Reporting, Mass. Attorney General, October 2007. Pamphlet briefly describes rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Banking and Finance, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. Provides links to Mass. information on banking, loans, credit reporting, debt collection and more.

Cashing Checks and Opening Bank Accounts, Mass. Legal Help.

Complete Personal Finance Handbook: Step-by-Step Instructions to Take Control of Your Financial Future, Atlantic Publishing, 2007. Covers establishing and using credit, budgeting and more. Requires Library Card for access.

Compliance with Regulation CC: A Guide for Financial Institutions, Federal Reserve Board. Explains when your money will be available to you after you deposit it in a bank.

Consumer Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors in Massachusetts, National Consumer Law Center, 2011. "The information in this packet is intended to help you: Separate your finances from your abuser; Deal with any existing debts; Stay financially independent in the future and avoid traps and scams; and Get more help and information with these issues."

Credit and Loans, Federal Trade Commission. Includes information on credit scores, debit and credit cards, and loans.

Credit Discrimination, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Include links to file a complaint and ask questions.

Credit Repair, Nolo, 2013. Book includes guidance on improving your credit. Requires Library Card for access.

How To Get Credit After Filing Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Getting & Keeping Your Credit Under Control, Atlantic Publishing, 2008. Various chapters on how to get credit cards, how to buy a car, how to buy a home and more after filing bankruptcy. Requires Library Card for access.

How to Legally Settle Your Personal & Credit Card Debt for Pennies on the Dollar, Atlantic Publishing, 2009. Requires Library Card for access.

How to Wipe Out Your Student Loans and Be Debt Free Fast, Atlantic Publishing, 2009. Provides sensible approaches to paying off your loans as quickly as possible. Requires Library Card for access.

President Obama signs Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act, The White House, May 22, 2009. Summarizes key elements of the act.

Student Debt, Loans, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Truth in Lending, Mass. Attorney General. Explains rules in very basic terms for closed-end credit and open-end credit.

Print Sources

Consumer Credit: Law, Transactions and Forms, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf.

Consumer Credit Law Manual, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf.