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Massachusetts Law About Bankruptcy

Best Bet

U.S. Bankruptcy Court: District of Massachusetts. Full of great information and helpful resources, including:

Bankruptcy Law

Court, Rules and Fees


Bankruptcy Forms


Google Scholar: Federal Cases. Dates of coverage are a bit unclear, but it appears that you can search:

The most recent few months are not included.

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Page, Craig and Macauley, PC. "Here you can search the database of bankruptcy filings from 1995 through 2006."

Other Web Sources

Bankruptcy, Nolo. Includes tons of information, including bankruptcy basics, deciding to file, types of bankrupcty, the filing process and procedures, and much more. 

Bankruptcy Basics, Videos from the Federal Judiciary. Nine videos, about 5 minutes each. "These videos will give you basic information about the process, the relief it offers, and how to find the legal help you may need."

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Keep Your Property and Repay Debts Over Time, Nolo, 2012. Includes information on filing, drafting a plan, filling out the forms, life after bankruptcy and more. Library Card Required for Access. Requires Library Card for access.

Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions, The Bankruptcy Convenient list of federal exemptions with references to 11 USC 522.

A Guide for the Pro Se Filer, US Bankruptcy Court, District of Mass., June, 2014. This 80-page manual is designed for the person filing for bankruptcy without an attorney. Includes detailed descriptions of the process, records necessary, forms to file, fees, and much more.

How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Nolo, 2013. Includes step by step instruction and all the forms needed to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Requires Library Card for access.

How To Get Credit After Filing Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Getting & Keeping Your Credit Under Control, Atlantic Publishing, 2008. Various chapters on how to get credit cards, how to buy a car, how to buy a home and more after filing bankruptcy. Requires Library Card for access.

How to Protect Your Clients' Cash and Assets under New Massachusetts Personal Property Exemptions, by Robert J. Hobbs and Hon. Carol J. Kenner, NCLC, 2011. Terrific piece that explains changes in exempt property law with examples illustrating when rights should be asserted and plenty of cites to relevant laws.

The New Bankruptcy: Will it Work for You?, Nolo, 2013. The new bankruptcy law has made it harder to eliminate debt. This books help you navigate the new law. Filled with clear cut answers and practical suggestions. Requires Library Card for access.

Selected Print Sources

Bankruptcy Basics : a step-by-step guide for pro bono attorneys, general practitioners, and legal services offices, by John Rao and Tara Twomey, NCLC, 2013.

Collier on Bankruptcy, 16th ed., Matthew Bender, loose-leaf. A 22-volume set covering all aspects of bankruptcy,including the Bankruptcy Code, rules, forms, etc.

Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice by Henry J. Sommer, NCLC, 2012, with supplements.

Strategies for Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings, 5th ed., by Lynn M. LoPucki, Aspen, 2013 supplement.