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Massachusetts Law About Automobiles

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts Regulations

201 CMR 11 New and Used Motor Vehicle Arbitration


Motor Vehicles Forms

Other Web Sources

General Information

AAA Digest of Motor Laws. An "online compendium of laws and rules related to driving and owning a motor vehicle in the United States and Canada." Select a topic such as window tinting, seatbelts, registration and more, and get easy access to the laws of all 50 states.

Autos and Transportation, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. Includes Lemon Laws, Buying and Selling, Auto Repair, Auto Insurance and much more.

Buying and Owning a Car, Federal Trade Commission. In addition to generic consumer information, includes information on rental car agreements, warranties, and repossession.

Car Smart: A Consumer's Guide to Buying, Leasing and Repairing a Car in Massachusetts, Mass. Consumers' Coalition. Online version of the print booklet includes very useful information about buying and owning a car in Massachusetts. Includes all the steps in choosing and purchasing a car, title, taxes, warranties, repair and more.

Citizen's Guide to the Removal of Motor Vehicles from Private Property, Nantucket Police Department. Explains the process for private citizens to follow in removing vehicles from their property.

History of the Plate, Mass. Registry of Motor Vehicles. Explains the history of license plates in Massachusetts.

Vehicle Repossession, Federal Trade Commission. Not specific to Massachusetts, includes general information on what happens if your car is repossessed, including details such as what happens when a creditor sells your car, what happens to your personal property inside the car and more.

Print Sources

Automobile Fraud: Odometer Tampering, Lemon Laundering and Concealment of Salvage or Other Adverse History, 4th ed., NCLC, 2011.

The Law of Chapter 93A (Mass. Practice v.52), s.9.3, Thomson/West, 2007 with supplement.

Buying, Selling, Leasing and Donating

Buying a Used Car, Mass. Legal Help. Provides a detailed description of the steps involved in buying a used car: what to look for, how to negotiate, elements of a contract and more.

Buying and Selling Automobiles, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. Includes Consumer Guide to Private Party Car Sales, Keys to Leasing, Buying and Leasing Information, New and Leased Car Lemon Law, Car Smart Brochure, Used Vehicle Warranty Law and Lemon Aid Law.

Donating a Car to Charity, Mass. Attorney General. Provides "tips to consider when deciding whether to donate your car to charity."

Keys to Vehicle Leasing, Federal Reserve Board. "Under the federal Consumer Leasing Act, you, the consumer, have a right to information about the costs and terms of a vehicle lease. This information will help you compare lease offers and negotiate a lease that best fits your needs, budget, and driving patterns."

Should You Buy or Lease Your Car?, Mass. Legal Help. Helpful information in deciding if a purchase or lease is best for you.

Lemon Laws

A Dealer's Guide to the Massachusetts Used Vehicle Warranty Law, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. Extensive (over 50 page) guide to "ensure that new dealers coming into the marketplace are aware of their obligations under the law." Information is helpful to consumers as well.

Lemon Aid Law, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. "The Massachusetts Lemon Aid Law allows you to void or cancel a [used car] motor vehicle contract or sale if your vehicle fails to pass inspection within seven days from the date of sale AND if the estimated costs of repairs of emissions or safety related defects exceed 10% of the purchase price."

New and Leased Car Lemon Law, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. Detailed description of lemon law provisions, including a Sample Notice Of Final Opportunity To Repair, and contact information for helpful state agencies.

Online Lemon Law Qualification Application, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. Walks consumers through the provisions of the state’s lemon laws. After answering simple questions, users will learn if they qualify under the lemon laws. If they do qualify, the application directs users to the proper paperwork to be submitted. In the event that a consumer requires arbitration to receive the refund that they are entitled to, they may apply through a form available on the same page as the application.

Understanding the Bay State's Various Lemon Laws, Kevin V. Maltby, 2009. Does a great job of summarizing the new and leased car lemon law, the used car lemon law, and the lemon aid law.

Used Vehicle Warranty Law, Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs. "The Used Vehicle Warranty Law provides you with protections and remedies, including mandatory repairs, refunds, or repurchases...applies to used cars, vans, trucks and demonstration vehicles not covered by the New Car Lemon Law, and which: are sold by a Massachusetts dealer or private party, cost at least $700 (dealer sales only), have fewer than 125,000 miles on the odometer when sold (dealer sales only)."

Limited Use and Low Speed Vehicles

MGL, c.90, s.1F-1I. Low Speed Vehicles Law.

Moped? Scooter? Limited Use? Advisory from the Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation that explains the different categories.


Automobile Recalls, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. "Provides recall information including vehicle and equipment campaigns from 1966 to present."