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Massachusetts Juvenile Court Standing Order 1-88: Time Standards (superseded)

Applicable to All Divisions


The time standards set forth below for the trial, settlement or other disposition of cases are applicable to cases entered in any division of the Juvenile Court Department on or after July 1, 1988:

Arraignment/Bail Determination: within the next court business day of entering any detention facility by any person under arrest.

Transfer Hearing Part A: within 30 days of complaint.

Transfer Hearing Part B: within 45 days of Part A.

Adjudication (Non-Jury) for Person in Detention: within 21 days of complaint or Transfer Hearing Part B.

Adjudication (Non-Jury) for Person not in Detention: within 30 days of complaint or Transfer Hearing Part B.

Adjudication (Jury): within 60 days of complaint * (including discovery and pre-trial conference).

Adjudication (Care and Protection): within 75 days of petition.** Pre-trial agreements do not satisfy this standard unless they go to judgment.

Determination to Issue Petition or Continue Information Assistance (CHINS): within 45 days of application.

* Date of docketing in the appellate session.

** Adjudication means full hearing and determination, whether or not children are in need of care and protection. It is recognized that there are situations where, in the opinion of the trial judge, an adjudication on the record may be contra-indicated. Such a determination should be deemed extraordinary and never routine. In such a case, adjudication may be satisfied by a close of the evidence to be taken and a finding of facts sufficient to warrant an adjudication. All parties must have rested their cases. While the standard provides for adjudication within 75 days of petition, the case shall be called within 60 days of petition, at which time the sitting judge will read the investigator's report.

Adopted June 9, 1988, effective July 1, 1988 - September 30, 2004.