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Committee on Professional Responsibility for Clerks Rule 2: Composition of Committee


A. The composition of the Committee is as provided in Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:13 and the term of each of its members is as established by the Supreme Judicial Court at the time of appointment.

B. A member of the Committee shall not participate in any proceeding in which the impartiality of that member might reasonably be questioned. Disqualification pursuant to this section shall be by the member involved or by affirmative vote of at least three members of the Committee.

C. If a Committee member ceases to be qualified for the appointment to represent the category for which he was appointed, resigns or becomes permanently unable to serve for any reason, a vacancy shall occur. An appointment to fill a vacancy for the duration of the unexpired term shall be made by the Supreme Judicial Court.

D. If by reason of disqualification, resignation or inability to serve for any reason, one or more members of the Committee are not participating in a proceeding, then one or more of the remaining members may request the Supreme Judicial Court to appoint an alternate member or members to replace the disqualified member or members. An alternate member shall be eligible to vote only with respect to the proceeding for which he is appointed. Alternate members shall be appointed to maintain the same composition of the Committee with respect to clerks, lawyers, judges or other profession.