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Massachusetts Executive Orders Index: S



Executive Orders Index S
Subject EO Number
Salary increase
Salem, MA
School readiness 2 EO 427
Schools. See Also, Education; Youth Violence 2 EO 83
Schools, public
School Choice, Governor's Advisory Commission 2 EO 308
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Advisory Council, Governor's 2 EO 513
Scrap materials
Scrap metal
Seabrook Nuclear Power Station 2 EO 303
Seaport Advisory Council
Seaport development. See Also, Fishing
Seat belts - Use required in state-owned vehicles 2 EO 241
September 11, 2001 2 EO 432
Septic System Regulatory Review Committee 2 EO 426
Service Alliance Commission
Sexual assault and abuse. See Also, Domestic violence
Sexual harassment
Sexual orientation, non-discriminatory policies
Shipyard, Hingham
Sick leave bank, executive branch 2 EO 335
Simplex Wire and Cable Co.
Skills training and education, See Bay State Skills Commission and Corporation  
Small business
Small business purchasing program 2 EO 523
Snow removal - vehicle exemption 2 EO 366
Social and Economic Opportunity Council
Social Security Act
Social services
SOMBA (State Office of Minority Business Assistance)
South Africa
South Coast Rail Corridor Plan 2 EO 525
South Weymouth Naval Air Station 2 EO 378
Southeast Asia Prisoners of War, Governor's Commission on
Spanish-Speaking Americans, Governor's Task Force on
Speed limit
Sports, See Physical Fitness  
State agencies, hours of operation
State agencies, management review 2 EO 152
State agencies, regulations - impact on local government 2 EO 145
State agencies, regulations - simplify 2 EO 155
State and community college system 2 EO 310
State Building Code
State buildings 2 EO 134
State Civil Defense Agency 2 EO 303
State contracts. See Also, Contracts
State Division of the Blind 2 EO 51
State employees
State Employment Service
State facilities - visitation and non-discrimination 2 EO 341
State Farm, Bridgewater, MA
State funded proposals 2 EO 232
State government - reduction in size 2 EO 290
State government reorganization 2 EO 205
State guard
State House
State institutions, closure
State of emergency
State of emergency - Chelsea, MA 2 EO 225
State of emergency - Lawrence, MA 2 EO 381
State of emergency - Lynn, MA 2 EO 209
State of emergency - Methuen, MA 2 EO 381
State of emergency - Peabody, MA 2 EO 238
State offices 2 EO 134
State offices - closings
State pier - Bourne
State Police
State purchasing 2 EO 222
State Weather Amendment Board 2 EO 32
Strategic Planning, Executive Branch 2 EO 540
Student loan bonds, See Bond cap  
Substance abuse and prevention
Sunday - permit to work during war effort
Sunday sales 2 EO 22
Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.