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Massachusetts Executive Orders Index: P



Executive Orders Index P
Subject EO Number
Paper, permanent 2 EO 293
Parenting programs for criminal offenders 2 EO 424
Paternity 2 EO 389
Peabody, MA (fire and state of emergency) 2 EO 238
Perishable food 2 EO 22
Permits, Replacement of After Natural Disaster
Personal Data and State Agencies 2 EO 111
Pest management and pesticides 2 EO 403
Physical Fitness and Sports, Governor's Committee on
Pier, State - Bourne
Plymouth, 400th Anniversary 2 EO 502
Police 2 EO 6
Police - accreditation 2 EO 392
Police mobilization regions
Poor 2 EO 121
Ports, See Seaport  
Post-secondary Education, Governor's Commission on
Poutre, Haleigh- Review of the case of 2 EO 471
Power - Public Corporation Study Commission 2 EO 109
Print, copy and mail, Large scale 2 EO 531
Prison labor
Prisoners - prohibition on raising money for political purposes 2 EO 399
Prisoners of war
Private activity bonds
Privitization and state contractors 2 EO 346
Probate and Family Court Procedures, Governor's Advisory Council on 2 EO 184
Procurement 2 EO 533
Prohibited Procurement List
Property tax
Proposals, federal and state funded
Public contractors 2 EO 147
Public Education Nominating Council 2 EO 309
Public Health, See Department of Public Health  
Public housing 2 EO 539
Public markets 2 EO 535
Public records
Public safety
Public schools, See Schools, Public  
Public transportation
Public utilities. See Also, Department of Public Utilities 2 EO 11
Public ways
Public Welfare, See Department of Public Welfare  
Puerto Rican and Hispanic Affairs, Governor's Advisory Council on