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Massachusetts Executive Orders Index: I-L



Executive Orders Index I
Subject EO Number
Identity Theft 2 EO 504
Immigrants, Integrating 2 EO 503
Immigrants, Undocumented 2 EO 481
Income tax, See Federal income tax  
Independent Living Council 2 EO 373
Indian tribes 2 EO 126
Industrial Accident Board
Industrial Development Bond, See Bond cap  
Industrial engineering, Division of 2 EO 47
Industrial plants
Information processing
Information technology - access to by disabled persons
Information technology - enhancing efficiency and effectiveness
Information Technology, Governor's Advisory Committee on. See Also, Year 2000 Compliance
Inmates. See Also, Corrections; Prisoners  
Inmates - visitation 2 EO 341
Insurance. See Also, Motor vehicle insurance
Insurance Rating Plan (War Dept.)
Integrity, Public
Intellectual Disability, Governor's Commission on 2 EO 521
Interagency Council on Homelessness and Housing 2 EO 492
Interagency regulations 2 EO 187
Interoperability Executive Committee 2 EO 493


Executive Order Index J
Subject EO Number
Job skills
Job training
Jobs 2 EO 213
Judges - qualifications
Judicial Nominating Commission.
Judicial Nominating Council
Juvenile Crime, Governor's Task Force on
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Control Act 2 EO 61
Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act
Juveniles - pretrial detention


Executive Order Index K
Subject EO Number
Kennedy, John F. 2 EO 45
King, Martin Luther, Commission 2 EO 297
Korean War veterans. See Also, Veterans 2 EO 21


Executive Orders Index L
Subject EO Number
Labor-Management Relations, Advisory Council on 2 EO 67
Land Bank
Land Court Recorder - qualifications
Land - growth and development 2 EO 103
Land taking, wartime
Landfill 2 EO 305
Latino-American Advisory Commission 2 EO 409
Law enforcement. See Also, Public safety
Lawrence, City of 2 EO 381
Leading by Example Council 2 EO 484
Legal settlement
Lesbians, See Gay and lesbian  
License. See Also, Motor vehicle license
License plate
Licenses, replacement of after natural disaster
Lighting, reduction of, See Blackouts  
Lincoln, Abraham, Bicentennial Commission 2 EO 497
Loans. See Also, Federal loans; Veterans' loans 2 EO 18
Lobbying, disclosure of 2 EO 85
Lobbying - prohibition - relatives of Governor's cabinet and senior staff 2 EO 443
Local Education Advisory Council
Local government
Local government, use of trucks and employees
Lockup, See Juveniles - pretrial detention  
Long term care 2 EO 421
Low and moderate income housing, See Housing, Low Income  
Lynn, MA