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540 CMR: Registry of Motor Vehicles

540 CMR by Citation
Citation Title
540 CMR 1 Reserved
540 CMR 2 Motor Vehicle Regulations
540 CMR 3 Motorcycle Noise Abatement
540 CMR 4 Enhanced Emission and Safety Test
540 CMR 5 Reserved
540 CMR 6 Alteration of Motor Vehicle Height
540 CMR 7 Minimum Standards for Construction and Equipment of School Buses
540 CMR 8 School Bus Driver Training Programs and School Bus Driving Instructors
540 CMR 9 Conduct of Hearings Within the Registry of Motor Vehicles
540 CMR 10 Reserved
540 CMR 11 License Suspensions and Hearings Pursuant to M.G.L. c.90, s.24(1)(f) and (g)
540 CMR 12 Inspection of Restored Salvage Motor Vehicles
540 CMR 13 International Registration Plan Implementation Regulations
540 CMR 14 Motor Carrier Safety and Hazardous Material Transportation
540 CMR 15 Specifications for Vehicle Manufacturer's Certificates of Origin
540 CMR 16 Minimum Specifications for Repair Facilities of a Class 2 Used Motor Vehicle Dealers to Make Repairs Under Warranty
540 CMR 17 Issuance of Disability Plates and Placards
540 CMR 18 Minimum Standards for the Issuance and Use of General Registrations and General Registration Number Plates Issued Under the Provisions of M.G.L. c. 90, ยง 5
540 CMR 19 Removal of Certificate of Inspection by Licensed Auto Damage Appraisers
540 CMR 20 Suspension of a Person's License and Right to Operate a Motor Vehicle as a Result of the Conviction of a Violation of a Controlled Substances Act
540 CMR 21 Semiannual Safety Inspection of School Pupil Transport Vehicles
540 CMR 22 Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle and Trailer Equipment and Operations Requirements
540 CMR 23 Licensing, Certification and Operating Requirements for Professional Driving School Instructors; Professional Driving Schools; Public School Driver Education Instructors; Public School Driver Education Programs; Driver Skills Development Instructors; and Driver Skills Development Programs
540 CMR 24 Medical Qualifications for Operators of Motor Vehicles
540 CMR 25 The Certification, Installation, Use and Maintenance of Ignition Interlock Devices
540 CMR 26 Plow and Hitching Mechanisms, Compliance
540 CMR 27 Regulation of Motor Vehicle Idling on School Grounds