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501 CMR: Executive Office of Public Safety

501 CMR by Citation
Citation Title
501 CMR 2 Safe Roads
501 CMR 3 Privacy and Confidentially
501 CMR 4 Hate Crimes
501 CMR 5 Firearms Record Keeping Fund and Grant Program
501 CMR 6 Bona Fide Collectors of Firearms
501 CMR 7 Approved Weapons Rosters
501 CMR 8 Standards for Law Enforcement Training in the Use of Electronic Weapons and the Sale of Electronic Weapons in the Commonwealth (Taser Regulations)
501 CMR 9 Replacement Firearm Licenses
501 CMR 10 Witness Protection Program
501 CMR 11 Financing the Repair, Renovation, and Construction of
Municipal Police Stations
501 CMR 13 Standards for Identification Cards for Retired Law Enforcement Officers
501 CMR 14 Testing, Certification, Marking and Enforcement of Massachusetts' Fire Standard Compliant Cigarettes
501 CMR 15 Standards for Identification Cards for Active Duty Law Enforcement Officers