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Accessibility of the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries

Physical Access

The Trial Court Law Libraries are committed to providing access to our materials and services to everyone. Most of our libraries are accessible. Unfortunately, some of the libraries are located in 19th century buildings that are ill-equipped to provide access for the physically disabled. To determine the accessibility of a given location, go to the Library Locations page. Accessible locations are marked with a wheelchair symbol. For details on the accessibility of other locations, please see the individual library pages, which are linked from Library Locations.


Hearing impaired patrons may call our toll-free TTY number Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30: (800) 281-3683. All others, please visit our Locations page for the phone number of the library nearest you.

Visual Aids

Hand Held Magnifiers

Each Trial Court Law Library has two hand held magnifiers for use by patrons--a lighted magnifier with 3x magnification, and a stand magnifier with 4x magnification.

Reading Machines

Several portable reading machines, which read printed text aloud, are available for the blind or visually impaired patron. Please call ahead to arrange to have a machine available at the location you will be visiting.

Web Site

We have worked to make this website fully accessible. If you find any area of the site that is not accessible, please let our webmaster know.

Reasonable Accommodation

We are happy to do whatever we can to assist you, if you cannot obtain physical access to the libraries, including faxing materials to your home or office. Please let library staff know how we can best assist you in your research.