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Troubleshooting Database Access


After I click on the page to enter the database, I am not brought to the page to enter my library card number.

This occurs when the authentication server which hosts the page that asks for your library card number is down. Please email our webperson, who will contact technical support for the authentication server. We check these emails on evenings and weekends, as well as during the day, so the quicker you report the problem, the faster we'll be able to fix it.

After I enter my library card number and click on Login, nothing happens.

This happens when you are using Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Our authentication vendor, SirsiDynix, doesn't play nicely with either one. You can try putting your cursor right after your library card number and hitting enter. If that doesn't work, please use Internet Explorer.

After I enter my library card number, the screen comes back with the message "Please try again."

This message occurs when the system does not recognize your library card number, or when your card is not in good standing.

After I enter my library card number, I am brought to a screen that says "Sorry, all passwords in use."

We have a limited number of seats available at any one time. Please wait a few minutes and try again. While you are waiting, feel free to let us know that you were shut out. If it happens frequently, we will consider increasing our number of simultaneous users.

After I enter my library card number, I am brought to a screen asking for username and password!

This is an error caused by security settings on your computer. Here is some information to help you.

If you just want to get in quick, and don't want to change your configurations right now, disable your firewall software, such as Norton Internet Security or Zone Alarm. Then re-enable it once you are finished with the database.

For a more tailored solution, follow the directions below.

Access to databases from outside the library relies on a referring URL, in which one site accepts your card number and verifies you are registered, then passes that information on to a second site. If the second site doesn't get the information that you are approved, it won't let you in. How to correct this depends on the software you have on your computer.

Links to directions for some common firewalls are below.

Directions for:

Computer Associates EZ Firewall: Open EZ Firewall and click on Privacy. Click on Cookie Control, and then Custom. With the Cookies tab on top, look for 3rd Party Cookies, and unchick the box labeled "Remove private header information." Click Apply then OK.

McAfee Internet Security: By default, this does not allow third-party cookies and referring URL information. The location of these settings varies with different McAfee versions, but you want to allow third-party cookies and referring URLs. The setting for Referring URL is called "referrer filter," "Search Cleaner," or "Prevent 'referer' information from being shared" in different versions. Set this to Allow referrer information to be shared.

Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall from 2003 and later. Open your Norton Protection Center, then go to Internet Security and turn off privacy control. For a narrower approach, follow the directions from Norton's site.

Zone Alarm Pro: In the privacy panel's cookie control make sure the following are NOT checked:

Other Firewall Software: Please consult your manual or IT staff for information on how to permit a referring URL.

Since we don't use these products in the law libraries, we are relying on outside sources for these directions. If you have more detailed (or easier!) directions, please share with them with us and we'll pass them on.

After I enter my library card number, I am brought to a screen that says, "This webpage is not available. The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address."

The simplest answer is just try again. This problem clears itself after one or two attempts. If that doesn't work, either clear your cache and cookies or try using another browser.

I'm having trouble using Nolo books online. I can get in, but I can't read the information properly.

EBooks library may not work properly with newer versions of Adobe Acrobat. Adobe removed Digital Rights Management out of Adobe Reader with their latest versions. This causes problems when trying to access Nolo books through EBooks library. To open Nolo ebooks from EBL, install Adobe Digital Editions. This product handles Digital Rights Management.